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I'm Jay, I'm nineteen and from Scotland. I've been working with horses since I was 4 years old and love them more than most things. I share a pony called Drum, a horse called Blottie and look after another pony called Tommy. Drum is 6 y/o and a strange sort of dun colour, 13hh, Highland Pony (off Rhum bloodlines). Blottie is a 14y/o, 16hh, leopard spotted appaloosa and Tommy is a 20y/o, 14.2hh, bright bay, welsh Cob. I had always been traditional (apart from a bit of join up) but in September of 2011 I started at a new riding school and my instructor just so happened to be a Parelli kinda person and one thing led to another so now I'm learning Parelli. This blog will consist of all sorts of horsey things, cute pictures and stories of the shenanigans I get up to on my Parelli adventure. Please don't hesitate to talk to me, I genuinely love getting to know new people, especially if they love horses as much as I do.

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Look at my baby! I can’t believe I’ve actually found her.

Look at my baby! I can’t believe I’ve actually found her.

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